Added yet another car to the collection…

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My daughter recently bought her dream car – a 2007 Subaru WRX STi Pearl White from CBRD Speedfactory the people there are about as close to family as you can get without actually being related. Anyway that resulted in me getting her 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS Silverthorn Metalic. Of course I get the remaining loan payment as well but I’m not complaining. I’ll be getting into more details about my new acquisition in later posts – for now this leaves me with tons of options for transportation as well as it gives me the opportunity to begin mods on the 1974 Pinto Runabout.

Can anyone say TURBO. Since my early days of car mods (1970’s) my first upgrade was a Holley 390 CFM and Offenhauser 360 dual-port intake with medium cam in my 1973 Pinto Runabout. That mod lasted about 3 months when I came across an AK Miller Turbo setup from the same guy I bought the 390 Holley setup from. He had just done the V8 swap into his pinto and had the complete turbo kit for sale – I bought it and the rest is as they say, history – at least for me – been a turbo proponent ever since. Now remember this is back in 1975 when turbos were not for the faint of heart. Volvo and Saab were your only factory choices and these were expensive. You couldn’t just go to your local auto shop and order up the parts you needed to do a turbo install like you can today – and these were run with carbs not EFI – lots of tuning and experimentation so as not to melt or burn up any internals.

Back in the ’80’s I had to sell off my car stuff to finance my new family life and have been missing it ever since. With ebay and a lot of digging around I have found what I need to start it up again. Stay tuned as the changes will begin soon.

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