Where are you going?

Good question.

We all get asked this question at least once a day. When you were younger the question would usually come from your parents just as you’re walking out the door. The answer was at best a quick response something like this – “Joe’s (Jill’s) house.” Innocent enough question and answer.

Now as we’ve grown older the question “Where are you going?” depending on who’s doing the asking can either be as simple as the example above or more deeply connected to one’s career, life, or spiritual journey.

This blog will ask the question “Where are you going?” and answers will come from myself, my family, friends, business associates, and people like you. Some answers will be straight forward like “Out to the garage to work on my project car.” or more socially responsible  like “To offer whatever I can in the way of help to non-profit and volunteer groups looking to make a difference.”.

So ask yourself “Where are you going?” and don’t be afraid to leave your answer as a comment.

My answer today is “Into the uncharted waters (for me anyways) of social media via this blog.”. Maybe we’ll bump into one another along the way.


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