Going back to work…

Today was back to work – I had extended my Labor Day holiday by two days to take advantage of the good weather that had been forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday. I was intending to work on my project car – a 1974 Ford Light Grabber Blue Pinto Runabout flickr photo journal.
1974 Pinto - Project CarAs these things go the weather predictions did not hold true and I was only able to work on the car on Tuesday. As the weather gets colder my window of opportunity is getting smaller.
My focus for this portion of the project car is to rebuild the rear suspension. I have all the new parts needed and am in the process of removing rust and sealing the other parts I plan to reuse. I need warm weather for the sealing, painting and undercoating to work well – but I digress as this is going back to work… day.
Going back to work after a couple of days off usually means playing catch up – as most everyone can attest to. I am the New Media Director for a local travel destination here in the Pocono Mountains. I love what I do and enjoy expanding my horizons, learning new things and applying what I’ve learned to solve problems. This mornings main task was to finish producing a sales video for one of our Vice Presidents of Sales. Once I got back into the groove time flew by and the video was finished and in the hands of the person responsible for mailing it out. The rest of the day went just a smoothly as I remained focused on one task at a time checking them off the list as I went.
Not all days work in this way as multiple requirements for my time can derail the focus and end in nothing getting completed that was planned out for that day. But that’s OK because I would have helped a number of people finish what was on their lists and in the end we all work for the same company. So today I was going back to work… and it turned out to be good day.

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