The Much Overlooked ‘Print Screen’ Button

Here’s is a quick tip for all you PC users. My business colleagues and friends alike frequently ask me this question “Bruce, how can I get a copy of what’s on my screen?”.

I tell them to use the ‘Print Screen’ button and then they cock their head sideways and look at me with those puppy dog eyes that say “What?” and I proceed to talk them through an example.

print screen sample
A Print Screen example of this page (resized down to 500 x 400 pixels).

1) Position whatever it is that you want to capture on your screen – if you need to, change your screen resolution higher or lower to include more or less content.

2) Press the ‘Print Screen’ key (depending on your keyboard layout look in the upper right area).

3) This action places a copy of the screen in it’s entirety to your clipboard.

4) Open up your favorite image editing software and create a new file.

5) Use the Paste function to drop the clipboard contents into this new file.

6) Crop, edit and save the image to your desired results.


For the Mac community I am not Mac literate so I did a quick web search and came up with this thread on the Apple Discussions forum/board: Mac equivalent of Print Screen.

Happy Screen Snapping.