Pinto ’74 – Gas Tank Back In…

I’m in the middle of completely redoing the rear suspension. As the original leaf springs were rusted beyond repair I bought replacements from a local spring shop and ordered them 1″ de-arced ( 1″ lower than stock height ). With the new springs I bought rear shackles and new poly-bushings all around for a little stiffer ride and better handling. While under the car I dropped the gas tank to do some cleaning up and undercoating. I’ve been busy with other activities lately and have not had the time to work on the Pinto as much as I would like. To that end I took a vacation day today to catch up and get the Pinto back on the road. I was able to clean up all the nuts, bolts and brackets that hold the gas tank in place. Once I removed all the rust I primed and painted the tank straps, installed the protection shield, connected the new gas lines and hung the tank. One step closer.

Pictures can be found on my flickr photostream – 1974 Pinto.

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