4 Things To Remember About Adversity

We all run into adversity at one time or another. Adversity as defined in Merriam-Webster is: a state, condition, or instance of serious or continued difficulty or adverse fortune.

Adversity is a learning tool.
Adversity teaches us how to view our world from a new perspective. Observe the surroundings, take notes, remember where you are and what you are doing to get where you want to be. The struggle need not be a lonely one, reach out and learn from those that passed this way before. Who do you know that has struggled with the adversity you’re currently facing?

Adversity is not the end of the road it is merely a change in direction.
Adversity shows us that there are many paths to where we want to go. Some are more difficult to traverse than others. In the end it’s the journey that defines who we are. Are you on the right road? Are you taking the easy and comfortable path or have you decided to challenge yourself and opted for the steeper and rockier trail?

Without adversity there would be no triumphs.
Adversity forces us to look deeper into ourselves and pull together the sum of our strengths to produce triumphs along the way. Each milestone that is conquered builds a firmer foundation for us to stand on. How stable is the ground you’re on? What can I/or the community around you do to help you firm it up?

Some of the most beautiful things on this earth were born out of adversity.
Music, paintings, sculptures, novels, architecture, industry, countries – all creative processes are forged stronger when faced with adversity. How has adversity forged you?

As you travel through the adversity thrown your way remember those that have gone before you and know that it is only a temporary condition, one that will strengthen you, solidify your resolve and add to your character.

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– Peace

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  1. I find myself saying a lot lately: The Universe must have something incredible in store to go to all the trouble to shake things up so!

    Thanks for the post…you have a new subscriber 🙂

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