2010 – My Year of Change

Beyond Blogging by Nathan Hangen & Mike Cliffe-Jones (affiliate link)
(affiliate link)

Reading my new eBook Beyond Blogging (affiliate link) by Nathan Hangen & Mike Cliffe Jones. In 2009 I decided to dig into Social Media and wrap my mind around some of the core tools in its universe.

I started this blog Sept. 9th with my 1st post “Where Are You Going?”. Since then I have bought a number of books read a lot of blog posts watched a good number of online seminars and webcasts and began using facebook, twitter and linkedin.

2010 is the year I take the books off the shelf and learn from them. Re-read the blog posts and put that knowledge to good use – my first step is with this eBook as it contains powerful information from 15 of the world’s most popular bloggers. Nathan and Mike have done the hard work by gathering this info into one place so that people like me can focus on the content & context then put it into action. I’m only up to page 25 and already have a bunch of actionable items jotted down that’s why I’m sharing this with you now – if you’re like me and you want to do what really excites you then Beyond Blogging (affiliate link) will be an excellent motivator.

Make 2010 your year of change and explore your passion.