Simplify! Time to clear away the chaff.

wheat field

It seems as though I’ve gotten ahead of myself lately and now I realize it’s time to Simplify!

Beginning today I’m stripping out the fluff and getting back to basics. Pulling in the reins and getting a better grip on my life. What I don’t use or more accurately what doesn’t help me achieve my goals is being left behind. Like the collection of free weights that are hogging space in my closet – I don’t use them, my wife doesn’t use them and I know the cats don’t use them either, so out they go. Items that are worth something (to someone else) will be sold either locally or through my favorite online auction site.

Time to focus on what’s working and learn to expand on those processes – everything else is just wasting my time and holding me back.

What’s hogging space in your closets? What’s clogging your brain and slowing you down?

Isn’t it time to clear away the chaff and move forward a little less encumbered!

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