100 Reasons to Download Pics from Camera

After reading @_sams tweet about her lost camera and following the link to the Found Cameras and Orphan Pictures blog it struck me to do a post on it.

Here we have people that have found something of obvious value either be it a camera and digital card or just the card and want to get them back to their owners – that in itself is worth mentioning. These people that found them have taking the time to find this site and post a FOUND notice that includes a pic from the card with any other data about the circumstances where the items were found.

The facebook companion page is the reverse where if you LOST a camera and or card you can post a notice and see if it produces a match up. Yes there is also a “Success Stories!” area on the blog so it does work.

Now do I really need to get into the 100 reasons you should be more diligent in downloading your photos from your digital camera.


1) Count how many pics are on your camera card right now that you have not downloaded yet.

2) Count how many people have posted a LOST notice on the facebook page for “Found Cameras and Orphaned Pictures”.

I think you get the picture.

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