Clutter Progress and I Miss You

I miss you…

It’s been a busy past 2 weeks since my last post. I’m not gonna make excuses as to why I’ve neglected you. You are important to me and I value your readership – Thank you for that.

Clutter Progress…

Although I haven’t been posting my daily closet clutter finds I have been diligently pulling out one item a day. So far I’ve rescued a stapler, keyboard, 2 fax modems, 6 books, 4 old hard drives and a pair of gloves. The stapler came to work with me and is being used by my office mate Mike. The keyboard went to the IT department and will most likely sit in their closet until someone needs a replacement. Fax modems, they have been photographed and will be up for auction this weekend as will the 6 books of varying computer topics. The old hard drives are going through a download / copy off what I can process and then they too will be up for auction. The pair of gloves have found their way into the trunk of my car as a backup / good to have around in an emergency type item.

So things are moving along. I find this one item a day challenge easier to manage then I thought. Breaking my decisions down to just one item is less frustrating then looking at the closet as a whole and wondering how to deal with it all.

Oh and by the way todays item was a box of VHS tapes (yes I still have a VHS recorder and player). The tapes are being recycled into my weekly recording of LOST episodes – now that Jack, Kate, James, Hugo, Ben, Locke and everyone else is back on the little screen.

How is your closet looking these days? Any lighter? A little more space?

Let me know.

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