Linchpin – 2nd Copy Goes To Mike

Wow – Seth Godin doing what he teaches…

I received a 2nd copy yep that’s right a 2nd copy of Linchpin Seth’s new book. In the book Seth talks about giving gifts. This book then will be my gift to a good friend Mike Beckenbach. Read Mikes’ blog at:

Seth ran an experiment where he offered to send at his cost a preview copy of his new book Linchpin to the first 3000 people that would make a donation to the Acumen Fund. 100% of the donation went to the fund so in reality the preview copy was a gift from Seth to begin with. Now he sends me another copy as appreciation for acting on his preview offer and making a donation. A letter from Seth came with the book that reinforces the act of giving.

Buy two copies of “Linchpin” from now – keep one for yourself and give the other one away.

Seth thank you. The art that you bring to this world is an example we all can learn from.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be looking for ways to “Give more than I Get” that I can roll into my daily routine and carry forward with me for the rest of my life.

What gifts can you give?

How does your art affect the lives of those around you?

Share and inspire. Thank you.

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