Green Cleanup

In my past post entitled Clutter Cleanup I asked a question about looking for functional items you no longer use that could be donated to local businesses. This is a great way to unclutter your space and help someone save some money. But what about those electronic devices that no-one could really use and or no longer function like they’re supposed to. What to do with them? In cruising around online this morning I can across this website via Green Earth Exchange.

Here’s the quick and dirty – visit their site, search for all the stuff you want to get rid of working or broke it doesn’t matter, if it’s on their list you describe it’s condition, you’ll get an appraisal and you can print out a prepaid shipping label, pack up the stuff and ship it out.

If the items match up with the expected appraisal you’ll get an gift card for the appraised value and if not then those items will be recycled responsibly.

Now that’s a great way to clean out a closet and get some money for your efforts.

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