Change – Not Because You Have To But Because You Want To

Making that decision to break up the normal routine isn’t always easy but then again change never is. At our tweetup this morning Jason mentioned something along those lines – let’s see it ah had to do with finding new opportunities as change forces us to look at our world differently.

I’m certainly not the first one to have talked about this but it bares repeating every now again. We get caught up in what’s comfortable in our life, at work, with our friends and the types of activities we do. It’s only when we are forced in a new direction because of outside influences do we dare to explore new territory. I say let that force come from within yourself so you can experience life on a new level, share new meaning with new friends, find something you’re passionate about and make it part of your work week and offer to help more people that are struggling with one thing or another.

Wow this certainly took a turn I wasn’t expecting… as I am by far the most comfortable of people and when it comes to change I usually try to fight it off with a big stick.

I have to chalk up my departure from the comfort zone to sharing time with people that inspire me, support me and push me to take bigger steps. They would be my new friends at Pocono Tweetup – thanks… – Bruce

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