BP Oil Catastrophe – “Why aren’t these people in jail?” – Not What You Think!

Don’t let the title fool you because I don’t think this is the issue that needs to be discussed right now. Here’s a copy of my comments on the Ex-EPA Officials: Why Isn’t BP Under Criminal Investigation? Friday 28 May 2010 by: Jason Leopold, t r u t h o u t | Report blog post.

“Why is everyone so bent on spending time and money on pointing the finger – this will not help to solve the problem of oil gushing into the Gulf.

Our (and I mean everyone around the world) immediate focus needs to be on shutting this thing down.

A global task force of the best engineers can surely figure out how to do just that.

Deal with who pays for what when and how afterward – don’t let the patient die on the operating table while you figure out whose gonna pay the bills.”

All I hear about is “Whose gonna pay?”, “Why hasn’t she/he been fired?”, “They should all be put in jail!” – everytime there’s a major BREAKING STORY.

If 1/8th of the resources and brain power being wasted on this kind of thinking were channeled into finding a solution to the BP oil catastrophe (it’s not a spill) it would be shut down by now and a true cleanup initiative would be underway. It’s with everything these days when something goes wrong the 1st reaction is to assign blame and responsibility. Traditional media does nothing to help in that regard either because it’s more sensational to stir the pot around blame and responsibility then it is to actually report on the people that are doing something to fix and solve the problem.

I’d love to see CNN do a special on a strategy meeting where the top engineers in the world are gathered around a white board brainstorming non-stop to find a solution – that would be REALITY TV.