4 Reasons To Leave Your Mobile Device At Home On Purpose!

Or accomplish the same thing by turning it off for 24 hours – and leaving it off.

A friend just posted a comment on her facebook wall: “Like a fish outta water today. Left me cell phone home…. uggggg”.

Here was my reply: “So what type of work are you getting to do that you normally wouldn’t get to do if you had your phone? Mixing it up either intentionally or by accident let’s you find creative ways to handle projects differently. This is a good thing.”

Here’s my challenge: Next Monday I want you to leave your cellphone, iPad, blackberry or whatever you use to connect with mobilely (is there such a word? ) at home.

Why? For the very reason that it may happen for real one day and you need to have a backup plan.

1) Do you have all your contact names and numbers someplace other than your mobile device?

2) How would you notify your contacts that you are sans a mobile device?

3) Do your contacts have an alternate way of reaching you and the same goes for you reaching them if they are mobileless (another new word?)?

4) Would it be such a bad thing to permanently schedule (that means letting your network of contacts know this) one day a week off the grid? What type of work would you get done that you normally wouldn’t?

I’m sure there are a ton more reasons to do this but for putting together this post I’m just lighting the fire I’ll let you all add the wood to keep it burning.

I hope I’ve got you thinking about this one as you can take this example to an extreme and try to figure out what you would do if all cell / internet services were down.

Your ideas are always welcome – please comment below.

On a side note Happy Upcoming Father’s Day to all you Dad’s out there.

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