Green Cleanup

Tweet In my past post entitled Clutter Cleanup I asked a question about looking for functional items you no longer use that could be donated to local businesses. This is a great way to unclutter your space and help someone save some money. But what about those electronic devices that no-one could really use and […]

Clutter Cleanup

Tweet Yesterday – Sunday the 7th of February I started the process of putting some of the items that I’ve rescued from the upstairs closet on my favorite auction site. Below you will find the links to these auctions not so you can bid on them unless you are a avid vintage micro-computer collector but […]

Clutter Progress and I Miss You

Tweet I miss you… It’s been a busy past 2 weeks since my last post. I’m not gonna make excuses as to why I’ve neglected you. You are important to me and I value your readership – Thank you for that. Clutter Progress… Although I haven’t been posting my daily closet clutter finds I have […]


Tweet Day 4 of “Getting Rid of the Clutter”. keyboard 1) Do I really need this? – No 2) Does it help me on my life’s journey? – No 3) Why am I keeping this around, truthfully? – Wanted a backup for my desktop PC. I no longer use the desktop PC (that may be […]

Upstairs Closet – This Stuffs Gotta Go

Tweet Our first challenge area for our “Getting Rid of the Clutter” campaign. Upstairs Closet Here are a couple of photos of our closet – as the weeks pass I’ll be updating them to show you my progress in getting rid of the clutter.       Side note: Crusoe the cat stays – and as […]


Tweet Day 1 of “Getting Rid of the Clutter”. Stapler 1) Do I really need this? – No 2) Does it help me on my life’s journey? – No 3) Why am I keeping this around, truthfully? – Have no idea. Taking this stapler into work where it will get some use by someone. Now […]

Getting Rid of the Clutter

Tweet A few days ago I wrote a post about Simplifying my life. In it I talked about cleaning my closets and getting rid of the clutter that has accumulated over the course of my life. I’ve been thinking about this off and on long before I wrote the post. There is time to look […]

Simplify! Time to clear away the chaff.

Tweet It seems as though I’ve gotten ahead of myself lately and now I realize it’s time to Simplify! Beginning today I’m stripping out the fluff and getting back to basics. Pulling in the reins and getting a better grip on my life. What I don’t use or more accurately what doesn’t help me achieve […]