Social Is As Social Does

My new motto came as an inspiration while watching (for the millionth time) “Forrest Gump” – here it is: Social is as Social does!. Take a second… Let it sink in… Social Media is NOT ME standing up acting like a talking head. Social Media is ABOUT YOU! Take WIIFM (What’s In It For Me!) […]

Social Media Journey – Adding The “Sociable” Plugin

As promised in some of my previous posts I will be chronicling my Social Media journey. I just added the Sociable plugin for this hosted WordPress blog. Sociable allows you to add social bookmarking links to your posts. I have chosen to only add them to the bottom of my individual post pages and other […]

Reading “naked conversations”… Part II

Chapter One: Laying the foundation – a historical time-line if you will to put into perspective where the social media world was when this book came out. – MySpace hit the ground running in August 2003 – Facebook was founded in February of 2004 – Twitter started as a side project in March of 2006 […]