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100 Reasons to Download Pics from Camera

After reading @_sams tweet about her lost camera and following the link to the Found Cameras and Orphan Pictures blog it struck me to do a post on it. Here we have people that have found something of obvious value either be it a camera and digital card or just the card and want to […]


Day 4 of “Getting Rid of the Clutter”. keyboard 1) Do I really need this? – No 2) Does it help me on my life’s journey? – No 3) Why am I keeping this around, truthfully? – Wanted a backup for my desktop PC. I no longer use the desktop PC (that may be going […]

Upstairs Closet – This Stuffs Gotta Go

Our first challenge area for our “Getting Rid of the Clutter” campaign. Upstairs Closet Here are a couple of photos of our closet – as the weeks pass I’ll be updating them to show you my progress in getting rid of the clutter.       Side note: Crusoe the cat stays – and as this […]


Day 1 of “Getting Rid of the Clutter”. Stapler 1) Do I really need this? – No 2) Does it help me on my life’s journey? – No 3) Why am I keeping this around, truthfully? – Have no idea. Taking this stapler into work where it will get some use by someone. Now if […]

Cracked the Cover of Linchpin

Received my advance copy of Seth Godin’s new book Linchpin yesterday and cracked the cover last night to begin my journey into “The New World of Work”. To get the advanced copy (public copy should be out on the 26th of January) I was one of the fortunate people to get in on Seth’s experiment. […]

Getting Rid of the Clutter

A few days ago I wrote a post about Simplifying my life. In it I talked about cleaning my closets and getting rid of the clutter that has accumulated over the course of my life. I’ve been thinking about this off and on long before I wrote the post. There is time to look around […]

Personalize your Facebook URL by adding a Username.

At today’s Pocono Tweetup I learned how to personalize my Facebook URL (web address) by adding a username to my settings. I’ve seen other people post their Facebook address using their name or some variation of it, for example Jason Trump another member of the Pocono Tweetup Ning uses I often tried to get […]

Simplify! Time to clear away the chaff.

It seems as though I’ve gotten ahead of myself lately and now I realize it’s time to Simplify! Beginning today I’m stripping out the fluff and getting back to basics. Pulling in the reins and getting a better grip on my life. What I don’t use or more accurately what doesn’t help me achieve my […]