Knowing When to Ask for Help.

Tweet I like to work on my cars, doing oil changes, switching tires between summer and winter, replacing brake pads, spark plugs, the occasional radiator flush, fixing the exhaust and detailing the exterior, I’ve even tackled some minor body work and painted my hood and rear bumper. Knowing how things work and doing these things […]

The Problem – The Solution a project by Bruce Flinn

Tweet The Problem – The Solution a project by Bruce Flinn While working on a problem the other day an idea struck me. “Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a place that had the answer to my problem.” I know, you’re saying to yourself and maybe even doing it out loud as if I […]

Time Spent Elsewhere

Tweet The Pocono Tweetup tribe has been keeping me very busy. I love them for that because it means they have been pushing me past my comfort zone. An unfortunate consequence is I have less time to spend here. A fortunate consequence means I have to rethink where else I’m spending time and rethink the […]

2010 – My Year of Change

Tweet (affiliate link) Reading my new eBook Beyond Blogging (affiliate link) by Nathan Hangen & Mike Cliffe Jones. In 2009 I decided to dig into Social Media and wrap my mind around some of the core tools in its universe. I started this blog Sept. 9th with my 1st post “Where Are You Going?”. Since […]

Reading “naked conversations”… Part II

Tweet Chapter One: Laying the foundation – a historical time-line if you will to put into perspective where the social media world was when this book came out. – MySpace hit the ground running in August 2003 – Facebook was founded in February of 2004 – Twitter started as a side project in March of […]

Reading “naked conversations”…

Tweet Don’t be put off by the title – this book is about changing conversations between businesses and their customers using a blog as the vehicle. In this post I’m not going to a physical destination but rather a mental one. It’s to be an adventure in learning. Since I’m new to the blogging world […]