The Problem – The Solution a project by Bruce Flinn

Tweet The Problem – The Solution a project by Bruce Flinn While working on a problem the other day an idea struck me. “Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a place that had the answer to my problem.” I know, you’re saying to yourself and maybe even doing it out loud as if I […]

Time Spent Elsewhere

Tweet The Pocono Tweetup tribe has been keeping me very busy. I love them for that because it means they have been pushing me past my comfort zone. An unfortunate consequence is I have less time to spend here. A fortunate consequence means I have to rethink where else I’m spending time and rethink the […]

2010 – My Year of Change

Tweet (affiliate link) Reading my new eBook Beyond Blogging (affiliate link) by Nathan Hangen & Mike Cliffe Jones. In 2009 I decided to dig into Social Media and wrap my mind around some of the core tools in its universe. I started this blog Sept. 9th with my 1st post “Where Are You Going?”. Since […]

Reading “naked conversations”… Part II

Tweet Chapter One: Laying the foundation – a historical time-line if you will to put into perspective where the social media world was when this book came out. – MySpace hit the ground running in August 2003 – Facebook was founded in February of 2004 – Twitter started as a side project in March of […]

Reading “naked conversations”…

Tweet Don’t be put off by the title – this book is about changing conversations between businesses and their customers using a blog as the vehicle. In this post I’m not going to a physical destination but rather a mental one. It’s to be an adventure in learning. Since I’m new to the blogging world […]