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Coffee, Like Minds & Passion

Coffee Like most people I start my day with a cup of coffee. I’m not a big drinker – one cup / mug usually is enough. Today like last Friday I was brought into a conscious state when I realized I was thinking about my last post Invitation to Coffee in the Pocono Mountains. I […]

Invitation to Coffee in the Pocono Mountains

The Inspiration Last week Jason Trump (twitter: @jtdesigns – blog ) sent out a tweet inviting anyone in the Pocono area to meet up for coffee. A couple days later I had the chance to connect him with Ryan Knapp (twitter: @ryanknapp blog) on twitter that was looking for help designing a web banner. Jason […]

Choosing between or

There have been a number of people recently asking the question “What’s the difference between and”. There’s a great explanation of this very subject on the Support section of vs. Still confused after reading the above – then consider these questions. 1. Are you looking for a quick and simple […]

4 Things To Remember About Adversity

We all run into adversity at one time or another. Adversity as defined in Merriam-Webster is: a state, condition, or instance of serious or continued difficulty or adverse fortune. Adversity is a learning tool.Adversity teaches us how to view our world from a new perspective. Observe the surroundings, take notes, remember where you are and […]

Breaking Through The Resistance

Inspired by Steven Pressfields’ “the War of Art” Cycles Life comes at us in cycles. From getting out of bed in the morning knowing that in a few short hours we’ll be right back under the covers. The changing of the seasons – spring to summer to autumn to winter and back to spring again. […]

Just Installed Buy Me A Beer / Coffee WordPress Plugin

A number of blogs that I have come across lately have had the Buy Me A Beer / Coffee link at the bottom of their posts. Thought this was an interesting idea so I googled plugin buy a coffee and found Ankesh Kotharis’ BlogClout blog explaining the plugin, how to download and install it BlogClout […]