Archives for September 2009

The Much Overlooked ‘Print Screen’ Button

Here’s is a quick tip for all you PC users. My business colleagues and friends alike frequently ask me this question “Bruce, how can I get a copy of what’s on my screen?”. I tell them to use the ‘Print Screen’ button and then they cock their head sideways and look at me with those […]

Reading “naked conversations”…

Don’t be put off by the title – this book is about changing conversations between businesses and their customers using a blog as the vehicle. In this post I’m not going to a physical destination but rather a mental one. It’s to be an adventure in learning. Since I’m new to the blogging world I […]

Going to World Tavern Poker Regionals…

Taking the hike down the road to the Fernwood Hotel & Resort for the World Tavern Poker – Eastern PA & North/Central NJ Super Regional Championship!. I’ll be playing in tonight’s Early Strikers Shootout at 6:00pm and then in the BIG POINTS GAME WITH A DEEP STACK TOURNAMENT! at 8:00pm. Will be posting pics and […]

Going back to work…

Today was back to work – I had extended my Labor Day holiday by two days to take advantage of the good weather that had been forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday. I was intending to work on my project car – a 1974 Ford Light Grabber Blue Pinto Runabout flickr photo journal. As these things go […]

Where are you going?

Good question. We all get asked this question at least once a day. When you were younger the question would usually come from your parents just as you’re walking out the door. The answer was at best a quick response something like this – “Joe’s (Jill’s) house.” Innocent enough question and answer. Now as we’ve […]