Knowing When to Ask for Help.

Tweet I like to work on my cars, doing oil changes, switching tires between summer and winter, replacing brake pads, spark plugs, the occasional radiator flush, fixing the exhaust and detailing the exterior, I’ve even tackled some minor body work and painted my hood and rear bumper. Knowing how things work and doing these things […]

Pinto ’74 – Gas Tank Back In…

Tweet I’m in the middle of completely redoing the rear suspension. As the original leaf springs were rusted beyond repair I bought replacements from a local spring shop and ordered them 1″ de-arced ( 1″ lower than stock height ). With the new springs I bought rear shackles and new poly-bushings all around for a […]

Added yet another car to the collection…

Tweet [ Post carried over from old web site ] My daughter recently bought her dream car – a 2007 Subaru WRX STi Pearl White from CBRD Speedfactory the people there are about as close to family as you can get without actually being related. Anyway that resulted in me getting her 2000 Subaru […]

New Sumitomo HTR 200 tires for the 1974 Pinto

Tweet [ Post carried over from old web site ] …alot has happened since 2003 – the Red Wagon has been sitting since being hit by one of our resident deers. I have in the mean time acquired a new addition to the Pinto family – a 1974 Light Grabber Blue 2000cc Runabout with […]