The New Facebook Layout Looks Like The Old MySpace Layout

Is it just me or does the new facebook layout for businesses look a lot like the old MySpace layout? That’s it for now.  

Time Spent Elsewhere

The Pocono Tweetup tribe has been keeping me very busy. I love them for that because it means they have been pushing me past my comfort zone. An unfortunate consequence is I have less time to spend here. A fortunate consequence means I have to rethink where else I’m spending time and rethink the value […]

Social Is As Social Does

My new motto came as an inspiration while watching (for the millionth time) “Forrest Gump” – here it is: Social is as Social does!. Take a second… Let it sink in… Social Media is NOT ME standing up acting like a talking head. Social Media is ABOUT YOU! Take WIIFM (What’s In It For Me!) […]

Linchpin – 2nd Copy Goes To Mike

Wow – Seth Godin doing what he teaches… I received a 2nd copy yep that’s right a 2nd copy of Linchpin Seth’s new book. In the book Seth talks about giving gifts. This book then will be my gift to a good friend Mike Beckenbach. Read Mikes’ blog at: Seth ran an experiment where […]

Cracked the Cover of Linchpin

Received my advance copy of Seth Godin’s new book Linchpin yesterday and cracked the cover last night to begin my journey into “The New World of Work”. To get the advanced copy (public copy should be out on the 26th of January) I was one of the fortunate people to get in on Seth’s experiment. […]

Personalize your Facebook URL by adding a Username.

At today’s Pocono Tweetup I learned how to personalize my Facebook URL (web address) by adding a username to my settings. I’ve seen other people post their Facebook address using their name or some variation of it, for example Jason Trump another member of the Pocono Tweetup Ning uses I often tried to get […]

Pocono Tweetup Scheduled for December 18th

This is a real quick post to let everyone know that the 1st Pocono Tweetup has been scheduled for December 18th at Panera Bread on Route 611 beginning at 8:15am. Full details can be found at the Pocono Tweetup Ning / Forum under the Events tab. You can sign up to be a member of […]

Coffee, Like Minds & Passion

Coffee Like most people I start my day with a cup of coffee. I’m not a big drinker – one cup / mug usually is enough. Today like last Friday I was brought into a conscious state when I realized I was thinking about my last post Invitation to Coffee in the Pocono Mountains. I […]

Invitation to Coffee in the Pocono Mountains

The Inspiration Last week Jason Trump (twitter: @jtdesigns – blog ) sent out a tweet inviting anyone in the Pocono area to meet up for coffee. A couple days later I had the chance to connect him with Ryan Knapp (twitter: @ryanknapp blog) on twitter that was looking for help designing a web banner. Jason […]

Choosing between or

There have been a number of people recently asking the question “What’s the difference between and”. There’s a great explanation of this very subject on the Support section of vs. Still confused after reading the above – then consider these questions. 1. Are you looking for a quick and simple […]